2019: at a glance


In its inaugural year, Wynwood Pride 2019 established itself locally and nationally as an LGBTQ institution. We are proud to have fulfilled our mission of creating an inclusive, intersectional, intergenerational, and thoughtfully produced festival. The festival highlighted predominantly local as well as national and international LGBTQ talent, allies, and organizations providing a much-needed space to perform and promote their work to the Miami community.



The festival attracted approximately 50,000 attendees with an estimated 75% being between the ages of 16-39. Our 2019 line-up of 135+ artists was composed of 83% local LGBTQ talent and allies, with 78% being from diverse racial backgrounds. 77% identified as LGBTQ and 57% identified as female. PHILANTHROPY Wynwood Pride raised $8,580.59 for our 3 non-profit partners working in the fields of Justice (Astrea Foundation received $2,500), Health (Survivors Pathway received $2,500), and Youth (Pridelines received $3,580.59). Our 3 non-profit partners were also promoted regularly each day at the festival via specially produced video public service announcements to help raise awareness and direct donations to their cause totaling $3,600. In addition, a Community Village was created offering 19 free booths to selected non-profits at an in-kind value of $500 each, totaling $9,500. Wynwood Pride Inc. also raised funds for our own administrative expenses of $2,961.34. A total of $24,641.59 was raised in 2019!


This inaugural Pride festival had the benefit of being featured in local, state, and national “June National Pride Month” press and media. It also satisfied the overwhelming desire of the local community to participate in National Pride Month by attending a Pride event in Miami during the month of June. This has not occurred since 1995.



Highlights include the City of Miami Mayor, Francis Suarez issuing a proclamation for Wynwood Pride and attending the ribbon cutting ceremony on opening day. Wynwood Pride also received a certificate of appreciation from Miami-Dade County commissioner, Audrey M. Edmonson


approximately 50,000 over 3 days.
DEMOGRAPHICS: Wynwood Pride’s internal Attendance survey of 1004 people:
54% age 19-29
21% age 30-39



$8,580.59 to 3 partner non-profits (Pridelines, Astraea, Survivors’ Pathways)
$9,500 in-kind for 19 non-profit booths/tables/chairs at our Community Village
$3,600 in-kind for public service announcements
$2,961.34 for Wynwood Pride Inc
Our total contribution: $24,641.59


Out of 135+ artists booked for the event:
83% were local hires
78% were from diverse backgrounds
77% identified as LGBTQ
57% identified as female



The Social Media Monitoring Report from March 20 to June 27th :
– 6.7 million reached
– Over 3,000 mentions
– 2,144 Instagram posts
– 56 Blog mentions


– Proclamation from City of Miami Mayor, Francis Suarez declaring June 19th as Wynwood Pride day.
– Certificate of appreciation from Miami-Dade County commissioner, Audrey M. Edmonson.


In 2021 we hope to continue to give back to the community through impactful philanthropic partnerships all while setting the stage for Miami’s ongoing cultural growth. Due to the success of year one, we can expect that 2020 will see an exponential rise in attendance, publicity, community partners, sponsors, and buzz.