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About Us

Wynwood Pride, Inc is a non-profit organization that consists of individuals interested in promoting the talent, commitment, and richness of the LGBTQ community in Miami and beyond. Wynwood Pride is cofounded by three proud LGBTQ people of color and lovers of our LGBTQ culture, Scott Bernardez, Jose Atencio, and Anna Margarita Albelo.


To create unifying opportunities that focus on bringing together Miami’s LGBTQ community, our allies, and our diverse communities by serving as an international platform to celebrate, promote, and advance LGBTQ artists, rights, visibility, advocacy, and education with an emphasis on music, arts, culture, activism, and community.


To establish Wynwood Pride as a sustainable entity and grow the festival over time to better serve the needs of Miami’s LGBTQ community and promote Miami’s diversity and richness, locally, nationally, and globally by stimulating change and progress in society that will be both intersectional and intergenerational.


From it’s inception, Wynwood Pride was conceived to reflect a new generation of activism one that equally celebrates our rich LGBTQ culture, our art, our artists, and our allies, as well as, our activists, businesses, and non-profits that work year round to serve, inform, educate, and support our community. Our goal is to enhance Miami’s cultural renaissance with programming that gives visibility to our emerging Queer scene by collaborating with and promoting local artists, promoters, businesses, non-profits, and individuals, along with national and international players, to promote community engagement and inclusivity, as well as enhance Miami’s visibility as a richly diverse and inclusive city. We envision a pride that is representative to our interests as a community in present day without forgetting our past and welcome year-round community partnerships to strengthen our vision and create a collaborative environment for growth.